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Orgreenic 10” Frying Pan

Orgreenic Orgreenic
Come into any store to touch and feel how comfortable it is. Buy in-store and take home today with no delay!

The Orgreenic frying pan lets you cook healthy food safely and quickly! Engineered with a super hard, durable all natural ceramic coating the Orgreenic sears in the juices and flavour of your food without releasing harmful toxic gases.

With the Orgreenic's eco ceramic coating, you'll never need to add high calorie oils and butter to the pan, just add your ingredients and cook. Food never sticks to the Orgreenic, and when you're done, simply wipe clean or run under the tap.

The Orgreenic includes a built-in ergonomic handle that is always cool to the touch, and its durable surface can withstand thousands of abrasive scrubs without ever losing the non-stick coating.

Every pan has the same natural ceramic cooking surface so it's SUPER easy to clean. But, perhaps best of all, they will never flake or release toxic gases. Food just tastes better in Orgreenic.

Product Features:
Super ceramic non-stick coating contains no harmful materials
Food never sticks to the Orgreenic pan
Easy to clean: Just wipe or rinse
Coating can withstand thousands of abrasive scrubs
Cook healthier! No more butters, fats, or oils needed
Use it to fry, saute, boil, braise, or bake

What's Included:
10” Orgreenic frying pan